Godberry (AAAA) (Discounted for smaller bud size)



Godberry is an indica dominant hybrid 90/10 with a THC content of 21%. The strain is produced by crossing Blueberry and God, which explains why it is visually appealing and tasty at the same time. It produces buds that are relatively large and dense with hues of blues amongst the greens. The taste is incredibly fruity and sweet, taking after it’s Blueberry origins. The high gives you a near instant cerebral and body buzz unlike any other, this is a very potent strain and will generally leave most people couch-locked with difficulty staying awake. Godberry is helpful with several different medical conditions, including chronic pain, stress, depression and insomnia.

Grade: AAAA
THC: 21%
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative
HELPS WITH: Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

3.5gm – $35

7gm – $65

14gm – $120

28gm – $225

4 reviews for Godberry (AAAA) (Discounted for smaller bud size)

4.5 Rating
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  1. Awesome bud super heavy night time buzz. Berry goodness is what you smell when you open jar. Buds were super crystallized almost a shame to smoke it it was so nice. Only thing is I wouldn’t call all the buds I received aaaa takes a pretty special bud to be given that title other than that some of my favorite weed I’ve ever smoked, I’ve smoked a ton.

  2. Relatively satisfied with what I received. Nice large nugs, not super fresh but still had a good nose on it. Outside of the bud wasn’t very crystally, but the inside was, which means it was likely overhandled. The potency was probably a 7.5 out of 10 for me. I do have a higher tolerance so if you’re not a heavy user it should be stronger. Wouldn’t consider what I got a “AAAA”.

  3. Only had a small late night full flavour berry bomb to the head right before bed and just after long evening of work. Slept like a lamb in dream land. Great strain people!!

  4. This one smells amazing with such a berry note. High hit right away and stayed, good for bedtime or movie time. want a heavy indica then try this one.

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