Galaxy Extracts Shatter – Platinum Haze (Hybrid) – Shatter THC



Platinum Haze is definitely not the world’s most popular hybrid, but that may be because it’s rather hard to find, at least on the legal markets. It’s a sativa-dominant crossbreed of Platinum Champagne, a pure sativa, and Silver Haze, a well-known 50/50 hybrid. The sativa/indica ratio in Platinum Haze is 80:20, making this a great choice for clear-thinking cerebral energy and creativity. The head high is largely euphoric, while the limited indica genes provide a pleasant body buzz that can help with insomnia. Platinum Haze is recommended primarily for mental health issues, including mood disorders and anxiety. It may also be helpful with physical pain. This strain has a strong, pungent flavor delivered by its Haze ancestry and a haze aroma with touches of candy and fruit. There’s little public information about the THC or CBD levels in this strain, but given its obscurity, it’s a safe bet that it isn’t especially potent. Platinum Haze isn’t common on any American market, though it might be found in California, the source of its Haze heredity, or Amsterdam, where Haze hybrids are very popular.


Experience a potent shatter THC concentration you won’t forget

Galaxy Extracts have taken the properties of Platinum Haze into a shatter you don’t want to miss out on. Take note of the high shatter THC concentration. If you’re looking to find the best weed online Canada can offer, you’ve come to the right place!


Let your body enjoy the powerful properties of shatter THC!

Keep your mind off the troubling aches and pains that you’re experiencing

Galaxy Extracts has developed a powerful shatter THC to help calm down your most stubborn conditions. This particular strain is hard to find on the market, but luckily, you can find it in a shatter. It has plenty of medicinal properties to aid your physical and mental disorders. This shatter THC primarily focuses on a head high that gives you plenty of psychoactive benefits. It helps you tackle anxiety and depression. You might find that it calms down your instances of mood swings.


Take in all the effects that this shatter THC can give you

Discover the euphoric sensations that this sativa shatter has to offer!

The high shatter THC concentration helps you feel the relaxing qualities quickly. You don’t need a large amount of this amazing shatter THC for your body to fulfill its cannabis cravings. The mind reliving qualities is due to its energizing headrush. The energizing rush will uplift your senses and keep you awake. The high concentrates in the head for a crazy dose of euphoria before it starts settling in the body. As the body high starts to pull through, you will find yourself wanting a place to relax.


Find out more about the amazing effects of shatter THC

Galaxy Extract products are dedicated to for your best interests

This shatter THC contains the Platinum Haze strain. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that crosses the Platinum Champagne and Silver Haze strains. Platinum Haze is a hard strain to find because it’s not present in many markets. Enjoy it with your favourite cannabis products! Add it in your rolled joints or smoke it as is; you can enjoy it with your dab rigs, vape, or bong. When lit, it has a strong, pungent flavour with touches of candy and fruit. To keep it safe, make sure you keep it out of high temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and direct sunlight. For the best selection of weed online Canada can offer, Speed Greens is the place to be.

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    First time tryin. Nice and smooth flavour, good hit to the head.

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    Crbenton23 (verified owner)

    Thank you, best service best products.

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