Galaxy Extracts Shatter – Killer Banana Sherbert (Hybrid) – Shatter THC


TYPE Hybrid
EFFECTS Creative, Energizing, Motivation, Sociable, Uplifting
HELPS WITH Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

Buying shatter THC has never been easy

Galaxy Extracts concentrate the amazing effects of the Killer Banana Sherbert strain for your satisfaction. The shatter THC content makes it the perfect product for when your cannabis cravings hit. If you’re looking to find cannabis online, you’ve come to the right place!


Our selection of shatter THC gives plenty of benefits

Discover how this amazing shatter ease your most stubborn aches and pains

The concentration of cannabinoids makes it the perfect pair against your most stubborn symptoms. If you’re interested in potential health and wellness benefits, it has excellent medicinal properties. Use it to calm down physical complications such as bruising, inflammation, headaches, nausea. It also has plenty of mental benefits. It helps uplift your senses so that it combats moments of anxiety, depression, and mood swings. If you’re feeling stressed out, use it on your vape pen or dab rig for quick relief. The shatter THC concentration is out of this world!


Shatter THC is perfect for when you need to wind down

Get a burst of sensations that will leave you wanting more every time

Initially, the strain has a calming effect on your head before it starts to flow through the rest of the body. The high concentration of cannabinoids makes it the perfect pair for when you want to wind down for the day. The buzz lasts for a while, helping you wind down for the rest of your high. Next, a potent body high comes next and leaves you in a relaxed state. You might find that sleep is your best option! We are proud to offer you the highest quality premium concentrates with added convenience when you buy cannabis online!


Shatter THC has a flavor that will delight your senses

The concentrated THC content will leave you wanting more!

Galaxy Extract products are grown naturally in Beautiful British Columbia. With a rich selection to choose from, you’ll always find a product that will leave you happy and satisfied. This particular shatter THC features the Killer Banana Sherbert strain. It is a potent hybrid marijuana strain crossing Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet. Take it after you’re done chores for some well-deserved relaxation. Using it on your dab rigs or vaporizing is one of the best ways to enjoy this shatter. Make sure you store it properly so that it doesn’t break down. Protect it from high temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and direct sunlight. Speed Greens is your stop-and-shop to buy cannabis online. So what’s stopping you?

3 reviews for Galaxy Extracts Shatter – Killer Banana Sherbert (Hybrid) – Shatter THC

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  1. this one is a killer that’s all I can say. No housework for me but just COD was good times haha!

  2. Really relaxing and calming after a hard day at work with idiotic and disrespectful people

  3. This stuff is super great for getting chores done or working intensely on a project. It keeps you focused and motivated but also allows for some well-deserved relaxation upon completion of your task. I personally enjoy it best before mowing the lawn, raking, or other yard work or boring household chores like straightening up, vacuuming, laundry, or dishes.

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