Galaxy Extracts Budder – Tom Ford (Indica)



Tom Ford Bubba Kush, also known as “Tom Ford’s Bubba Kush” or “Tom Ford Bubba,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the classic OG Kush X Bubba, an unknown Northern Lights phenotype. Known for its super high potency level and long-lasting effects, Tom Ford Bubba Kush is a favorite of indica lovers around the world. The high comes on with a creeping effect, slowly sneaking up on you with a lifted effect that settles into your mind with a happy and euphoric feeling that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts almost immediately. As your mind settles into this happy and unfocused state, your body will begin to fade away, too, dropping off into pure relaxation and ease. These effects quickly turn sedative, leaving you sleepy and dozing off before you know it. With these effects, Tom Ford Bubba Kush is often chosen to treat chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia and chronic pain. This bud has a sweet yet spicy chocolate coffee flavor with an earthy and herbal aroma to match. Tom Ford Bubba Kush buds have oversized fluffy dark olive green nugs with deep undertones, long thin orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.


1gm = $35 7gm = $230 14gm = $430 28gm = $ 800

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  1. No complaints, 3 dabs in started to feel it in my eyes beautiful taste 3 different flavours 😋

  2. I tested almost 200 different Strains, Tom Ford is the strongest one for me. Instantly heavy Indica stoned, the first time smoking Tom Ford was the first time that I didn’t finish my Joint. Next time I took less than other Strains, but I’m more stoned. If you like Indicas and you can get it, get it.

  3. man do not be fooled these extracts really take you to a galaxy far far away, was on my couch and had the best high

  4. Me and m’y girlfriend are stoked on this one every times!!!Good as smell ,big rock of thc with Cream Light color look like straight Beauty

  5. I got this 2 days ago and I finally tried it, man, please don’t do anything afterward. It is super potent and definitely best if you are chilling at home

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