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Frostbite Organic Top Shelf | By Frost Factory ®


Grade AAAA
THC 32%
EFFECTS Creative, Euphoria, Aroused, Energizing, Hungry
HELPS WITH Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, Stress, Depression


Boveda Packs Add-Ons

Let it go, let it go with the Frostbite (AAAA) Top shelf sativa strain!

Your smile glows white on the mountains tonight thanks to sativa properties of the Frostbite strain that’s sure to leave you both happy and hungry. The strain is known for giving its users the munchies. But that is not all. It offers a cerebral buzz that is just as good as its body stone. Great for users who are looking for a potent strain that will leave them feeling satisfied. For the best and most magical sativa strains, find your happily ever after at Speedgreens!



Feel the power coursing through with this frosty sativa strain

Survive the winter blues with Frostbite's magical benefits

The Frostbite is a strain more commonly used for medicinal purposes. This strain is medicinal by design and, as mentioned above, is primarily used for medical treatments such as chronic pain, muscle tension, and muscle spasms. Because of its intensely sedative properties, users can find ultimate relief from the above conditions. Additionally, it is often used for eating and mood disorders because of its highly stimulating effects.



Find your chill with this frosty sativa strain

Have some snowballs ready for some intense munchies

As soon as you set eyes on this dainty bud, you’ll be hit with its potent power. Though it’s mostly sativa-dominant, it’s not one you’ll want to use for recreation. It’s more likely to induce the munchies, send you on a cerebral journey, and make your body buzz with relaxation. Before you know it, you’ll be happily stoned and feeling great.



Winter is coming because this sativa strain is lookin real frosty

The Frostbite AAAA is the definition of the perfect winter strain

Looking for a strain that packs a punch? Frostbite is perfect for you! This powerful bud leaves you feeling happy and hunger, and its medical uses are highly effective. originating from Afghanistan Kush and TGA Subcool Deep Purple, with breeders from Baked Beanz or Camera Seeds, Frostbite is a truly unique strain. Its appearance is frosted in white and blue hues, sticky resin, and white trichomes, making it look like it just survived 100 years of winter. But don’t let its looks deceive you – the Frostbite experience is actually quite enjoyable. You’ll taste spicy tea notes and piney flavors, with a hint of fruitiness and hashiness. The THC levels are robust, so beware that you might get a little too high if you’re not careful!


5 reviews for Frostbite Organic Top Shelf | By Frost Factory ®

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  1. Absolutely fantastic stuff. I wish I could afford to buy a half pound. Amazing smell, taste and the high is excellent.

  2. great bud very dense and awesome effects very euphoric and relaxing can lean on the sativa side at first but turns into a very relaxing indica effect

  3. I’ve quickly become a fan of everything Frost Factory produces. This was smooth and for me had more of a layed back Indica effect rather than a hard hitting Sativa.
    For something advertised as 32% THC, I expected a much harder hit, but I found this to be pretty mild.

  4. awesome smell kinda fruity with a gassy bite. under the flashlight it glistens, definitely lives up to the name. very strong heavy stone with this one good treat before bed will have u couch locked

  5. It has a very unique appearance and fragrance with VERY dense and sticky buds. As delivered it had dry and hard buds but it softened up quite nicely after some quality jar time with a Boveda. The primary smell is like an earthy tea – a bit different but not unpleasant. The effects are what I would expect from a AAAA sativa with 21% THC. I can’t say anything about pain relief but it certainly improved my mood.

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