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Everest Extracts is a renowned name in the shatter business with some highly recognized strains of shatter. The company assures the quality and freshness of products with its state-of-the-art technique of flash-frozen fresh whole-plant extraction. Everest Extracts preserve the essence of the cannabis plant with modern techniques, yet firmly attached to ancient beliefs.


Envelope your senses with shatter sativa!

Everest Extracts is a renowned shatter company coming out of Beautiful British Columbia. Take a look at their shatter sativa strains! Quality assured for your satisfaction; you know you’re getting cannabis concentrates that fill your fix. You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at your options!


Look through our selection of amazing shatter sativa

Our cannabis concentrates have plenty of medicinal properties to help you out

Everest Extracts have 6 different shatter sativa strains at the ready to ease your aches and pains. Sometimes you need an energizing boost to start the day. Each one has plenty of benefits to keep you going throughout the day. Find relief from physical complications such as chronic pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, nausea, and nerve damage. Let the uplifting sensations ease bouts of ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Make sure you take it through the day for long-lasting effects. Give your body the rest it deserves! These cannabis concentrates are no joke!


Shatter sativa strains are built for energy

Take them in the morning for amazing effects throughout the day

As expected from sativa strains, you can expect a burst of energy and uplifting feelings throughout your high. It primarily targets your head, though you might feel stronger strains throughout the body. At the start of your high, an energizing boost will leave you feeling creative, happy, and focused. You might feel the urge to complete certain tasks and responsibilities. Others might find that they’re more comfortable doing things they’re not used to, while others might be more friendly in social settings. One thing is for sure; your whole experience will be euphoric. The feel-good sensations will linger, keeping your spirits up! These cannabis concentrates help you get back on your feet!


Find out more about their amazing shatter sativa strains

Everest Extracts dedicate countless hours to perfect their cannabis concentrates

Everest Extracts use a state-of-the-art flash-frozen fresh whole-plant extraction technique to preserve the cannabis plant. This company has many popular and recognizable products out in the market, so take a look!

Their selection of shatter sativa strains is as follows:

Finding cannabis concentrates that you will enjoy has never been easier. The headrush you get is what your body deserves. Shatter has so many applications! Break it apart and add it to your rolled joints or simply enjoy it with your favourite dab rig, bong, or vape! If you want to keep your product safe, keep it out of sunlight, high temperatures, prolonged exposure to oxygen, and moisture. Take a look at our selection of shatter sativa strains; we have just what you need!

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4.7 Rating
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  1. If you like sativa get strawberry cough. It is very good. It has such a delicious taste and good energetic high.

  2. I find it very smooth. Also great to get the yard work or house work done. Keeps me humming along.

  3. Very good product, I tried Space Crunch and I recommend it !

  4. Glad to see the strawberry cough shatter back! soo good!

  5. Delicious shatter. I had 7g space crush. Good consistency and great taste. Will order again.

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