Tri-Colour Ecuadorian (Psilocybe cubensis)



Ecuadorian or Ecuador magic mushrooms are thick stemmed magic mushrooms strain was initially found at 1100+ m of altitude in the Andean region of Ecuador.. The Ecuadorian magic mushroom is a psilocybe cubensis, a popular species of magic mushrooms similar to the other magic mushrooms available in the market.  Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms in Ecuador have been used by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures to induce altered states of consciousness in healing rituals and religious ceremonies. This is evidenced by the Mushroom stones dating from 3000 BC that have been found in ritual contexts in Mesoamerica. Today, our shamans and healers still use them in ritual ceremonies.

The trip experience of Ecuador magic mushrooms can differ from person to person. This is the case with all magic mushrooms. Reports suggest that the Ecuadorian provides a euphoric state of mind which is dreamy and relaxing. The initial effects are known to be very intense and then it is expected to become more chill as you ease in. This strain may provide less of a body high, keeping the experience clean and spiritual.

GENERAL DOSAGE GUIDE:Microdose – 0.1g – 0.3g
Beginner – 0.3g – 1g
Average – 1g – 2.5g
Experienced – 2.5g – 3.5g+Effects begin between 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion and can last between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the dose and the individual. Like all tryptamines, psilocybes often cause what has been called “the mushroom yawns” which increase markedly as one begins to peak, however, the feeling in the rest of the body is energetic, not tired. Users can expect a wide variety of possible effects and sensations, from the mystical, euphoric and revelatory to the hyperspatial and mind-altering observational. At doses over 3 grams, some users report experiencing warping of the visual field, and Dali-esque melting objects, and other possible effects include time distortion, hallucinations both when eyes are closed or open, and synesthesia (i.e. “seeing” sounds and “feeling” colours). Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re outdoors or doing activities like dancing, and try sipping some honey ginger tea to counteract any possible nausea during the come-up. Do not use if pregnant and do not mix with other drugs or alcohol.

3.5gm – $35

7gm – $60

14gm – $100

28gm – $180

12 reviews for Tri-Colour Ecuadorian (Psilocybe cubensis)

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  1. This is a nice South American variety. Decided to go with a 2.5G dose because they blue and green hues where so strong. Very intense onset but it settles down and gets quite deep introspection and euphoric for me anyways. Visually pleasing as well. We watched Baraka and was amazed and also watched Peanut Butter Falcon and it was such a feel good movie that it made my depression almost melt right away almost lost all worries of time and money….

  2. I only had a few grams and they kicked in pretty quickly (20/30 minutes). This was my first time trying shrooms and let me tell you they did not disappoint! It was an incredible soothing body high with amazing creative visual hallucinations. I will buy again!

  3. Very potent cubensis! I use a control of fasting for 24 hours before each psychedelic experience and use “lemon tex” to consume which brings on the high much faster and pronounced. These tri coulour seemed almost twice as powerful as the daddy long legs and the b + strains and stronger than the meanies which also had a decent kick. These shrooms if taken in the right setting can get you as close to the gods as any medicine.

  4. I saw beautiful fractal images that encompassed my entire visual field that would sort of flicker into focus. The geometric patterns were extremely intricate, unique, colorful, and moving rapidly. When I would play music the movement of the visions would synchronize with the beat. Good microdosing shroom.

  5. i deal with depression and I never thought I’d experience a moment in life where I want to 100% live. I’m 37 years old and cried for 5 hours because I was happy. 100% embracing the pain and beauty of existence. Seeing myself in a light that I believe and was taught only God sees us in. Life is so sacred. I then laughed at how hilarious it is that fungus helped me process this. What I’m writing may sound scary because I was crying but it was because I had never seen something so beautiful. A feeling of love in my chest for myself that I have never felt. Life can be beautiful and I want to embrace that beauty. I hope that all of you can too. Thank you. Oh yeah and for those wondering the colors and lights were amazing too but the experience was so much more than just that.

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