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THC 28-30%
EFFECTS Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
HELPS WITH Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

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Let the high ride in harmony with your senses

Do-Si-Dos Strain is an addicting indica dominant strain that is incredibly potent. It is a top-rated product among many cannabis connoisseurs due to its fantastic flavor, smell, and high-THC content. If you’re looking for one of the most potent indica strains, look no further!

FRESH BATCH – Jan.24,2022


Do-Si-Dos Strain offers a wide variety of benefits

Give your body the break it deserves and ease your persistent symptoms

Do-Si-Dos Strain AAAA may have several uses for medical cannabis patients. The physical properties are superb for aches and pains. These aches and pains might be temporary (through injury) or chronic (arthritis or lupus). The anti-inflammatory properties may help numb everyday irritations like nausea and headaches. The indica-dominant effects of the strain produce a buzz that helps eliminate mild pains, which help improve mood and make you tired. This aspect may help you get the rest you deserve at night. Consumers might take it to help with insomnia! Psychological benefits can calm symptoms of depression and stress. Buy online weeds to experience the full effects.


Do-Si-Dos Strain dances its way to all your senses

If you want an escape, the most potent indica strains offers it

Do-Si-Dos top shelf weed gives you an amazing body high that leaves you wanting more. Its high hits you fast and hard due to the potent THC value. It gives you a cerebral rush of euphoric sensations that make your body loose and lazy. As your mind slips more and more into its high, your body will start to follow its lead. The warming body buzz will start to move down your spine and begin to extend throughout your limbs, keeping you in a state of bliss. At this point, your body is helpless against the satisfaction you are receiving. Make sure you have snacks ready when the munchies hit!


Want to know more about the most potent indica strains?

Speed Greens has everything you need to know about this aromatic strain

Do-Si-Dos Strain crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG to produce this indica dominant hybrid. It contains an indica to sativa ratio of 70:30, with a mighty 28-30% THC level. It has a highly intoxicating smell and taste, as evident by how popular it is amongst your avid consumer. Do-Si-Dos Strain has a sweet and minty aroma that combines fresh lime and pine. There are notes of spices and nuttiness in terms of the flavors. The buds come in conical, olive green nuggets and are littered with bright amber hairs and purple leaves. A coat of sticky resin and bright, frosty white trichomes are present on the bud. Visit Speed Greens if you’re looking to buy online weeds.

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4.6 Rating
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  1. To start off I never write reviews. I don’t know about other batches. But this batch is top notch. I don’t fancy for the taste and smell, for me that’s a waste of time. I want results, and results is what I got. Perfect price point, although, I’m a bit of a penny-pincher (who isn’t) I would prefer 140$. Then I would sign-up for automatic refills and never shop again, given it always be the same. The description says indica, but I would give it 50/50. a perfect balance. You won’t need to roll big ones with this I realized that after a few puffs. It puts a smile on my face every night, thinking to myself, you sir, got a great deal. After a few weeks one would think that it would lose its appeal. Wrong.

  2. not impressed

  3. large well trimmed dense buds, with great smell. burns clean, decent taste and long lasting effects. would buy again. very fast processing and delivery.

  4. An amazing adventure. Has become a favorite, well done whoever grew this.

  5. Definitely a good evening strain with only plan is to stay in and chill. Very good balance of head and body high.

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