Death Bubba Kief (AAAA)



Kief refers to the resinous trichomes of cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. Kief contains a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC, than that of the cannabis flowers from which it is derived. Traditionally, kief has been pressed into cakes of hashish for convenience in storage, but can be vaporized or smoked in either form.

Death Bubba is a beautiful, purple-hued strain boasting extremely high THC content. Created by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush. This pungent pairing reeks of grass and skunk while the smoke is sweet, users will get an earthy-pine like flavour that ends with a spicy lemon note on the exhale. Almost immediately after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you but once this passes you’ll enter a state of deep relaxation that will cause users to enter a deep peaceful sleep. Death bubba has medium-sized dark green nugs with purple-olive leaves and bright orange hairs.

Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica
THC 60% – 80%
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sleepy
MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

2g = $20
7g = $60
28g = $220

7 reviews for Death Bubba Kief (AAAA)

4.6 Rating
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  1. I love mixing this kief on a bowl with my marijuana. Gives you a solid high. Or something I just dropped this kief to my coffee or tea. Amazing quality kief. Highly recommend.

  2. I love this Kief. The strength, the buzz and its unique flavor. I had an amazing five hours of listening to music and editing the pictures I had taken that day after 2 hits of this.

  3. This kief will do the trick i guess however i found a couple obvious pieces plant material pieces in my order.
    I tried writing a review earlier saying this, and the site denied my review, and never replied to my emails in search of explanation. I buy kief to avoid plant material headaches. Very easy to give this purchase a two star.
    They have many good kiefs this one however is not AAAA.

  4. Not much to say. I do enjoy because the kief is something pleasing to look at. I don’t know if this is sativa or Indica dom.

  5. Great death bubba nose and effects.

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