Dab Lab Full Spectrum HTFSE Cartridges (1.2g)


Dab Lab Distillate Full Spectrum Cartridges are a 60:40 blend of diamond sauce to distillate. You can actually see diamonds forming in some of those cartridges. These cartridges have a very high terpene ratio which means they are packed with flavour. Being cannabis derived terpenes, you get the full taste and effect of the strain you select, along with the strong cannabinoid count of Dab Lab distillate, these full spectrum carts are sure to pack a punch while providing that real cannabis strain flavour. We recommend batteries with variable voltage, on the low power setting to save the flavour.  BEST OF THE BEST!

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Crown Royal, Alien Rock Candy, Wedding Cake, Hash Plant, Pineapple, Cream Caramel, Ayahuasca Purple

3 reviews for Dab Lab Full Spectrum HTFSE Cartridges (1.2g)

  1. Amefan_88
    5 out of 5

    Amefan_88 (verified owner)

    The flavour is so great and I taste it all in my month. One of my favorite!

  2. Eavesbra
    5 out of 5

    Eavesbra (verified owner)

    These HTSFE & distillates are worth it. Good flavour/ effects. Thanks speed greens.

  3. deynn232
    5 out of 5


    I got 5 different strains, they all have distinctly different tastes and highs. This is the best carts I’ve tried so far. Super tasty, great high. Highly recommend.

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