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Dab Lab CBD Cartridge (1.2g CBD) – Cherry Wine



Who is Dab Lab?

Dab Lab started this whole thing with one goal in mind. To provide high quality, clean medicine to those who need it. Dab Lab is always researching new methods and techniques to create new products and increase potency. You will never find any fillers in our products. Stretching product for a higher profit strongly goes against theur morals. Quality over Quantity. All of their products are lab tested, and they build a strong relationship with growers to ensure the material they receive is top quality for processing. Taking pride in our quality and consistency, you can feel confident recommending their products to your patients for both recreational and medicinal use.





Best CBD weed vape made with excellent quality craftsmanship

Dab Lab’s distillate cartridges are purged of all waxes and fats during the filtration & distillation process using the most advanced technology to produce a 96% pure, thick, golden and clear oil!

There are NO fillers added such as PG, PEG, VG, MCT.

Dab Lab CBD Distillate Cartridges:

  • CCELL/AVD Cartridge (510 thread)
  • 1.2 gram (overfilled)
  • Every batch is lab tested
  • No heavy metals
  • Hemp derived Terpenes
  • Full Spectrum Cannabidiol
  • Crafted with Care
  • Solventless C02

Choose Speed Greens for your next Dab Lab CBD weed vape!






Quick relief in the palm of your hand with Dab Lab CBD Vape

Get the benefits of CBD in a more convenient way

Full-spectrum All of the naturally occurring extracts from the cannabis plant, as well as minute amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana, are combined to form the molecule known as CBD. Your typical high is the best for sharpening your focus and clearing your head. To get the most out of a pure type of CBD, use the correct CBD vaporizer.





The Dab Lab CBD Vape is convenient and effective

Experience the effects of CBD anytime, anywhere

As you are aware, distillate contains activated cannabinoids that are free of any chemical, aromatic, or plant-derived inorganic flavours. In other words, distillate is a popular substitute for edibles and tinctures/topicals since you may consume it and get high without heating it up by vaping. Cartridges are now far more practical as a result. To get the most out of a full-spectrum CBD distillate, you need a high-quality cartridge, and this vape pen definitely delivers.





The best of Dab Lab Vapes in CBD form

Sensational CBD Distillate Cartridges from Dab Lab now available

Dab Lab uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible distillate cartridges. All waxes and lipids are eliminated during their filtration and distillation process, leaving behind a 96% pure, thick, golden, and clear oil. Fillers like PG, PEG, VG, or MCT make sure that customers only get the best.

The overfilled 1.2 gram CCELL/AVD cartridges have a 510 thread and are available in this capacity. Each batch is thoroughly examined in a lab to make sure there are no heavy metals present. To provide the finest experience, full-spectrum cannabidiol and terpenes from hemp are carefully prepared. Additionally, they use a totally solvent-free method, extracting the CBD only using CO2. Dab Lab is dedicated to offering the best CBD distillate cartridges on the market with care and accuracy.




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