Ed & Bill’s Coke Bottles (200mg)



Each piece of sour gummy Coke bottles includes a traditional glass bottle shape with a narrow neck and wide, flat bottom. The top is a soft white while the bottom fades into a cola brown hue. Each piece is smothered in a coating of sugar granules for even more delicious texture!


If you love drinking soda pop, imagine how delicious it will be when you can chew it! These bottles are a classic candy with fizzy personality. Bulk gummy Coke bottles are a must-have for any celebration or gathering. Keep a pack at home to serve guests who stop by. Take them on picnics or add to your next candy buffet.


20 Candies per pack, 10mg THC per piece. 

200MG THC 

Made with Premium Distillate.

**Please note that some gummies may melt during transport due to the extreme heat.**

3 reviews for Ed & Bill’s Coke Bottles (200mg)

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  1. I found these so sour that I was twisting my face like I’d just bit into a lemon. These give a nice high, and the candies were all fresh and chewy. I was going to rate this as 4 stars, but something about the packaging occurred to me. It is virtually blank as far as information goes. All the bag says is “200 mg”, as well as very generic warnings that state: “Start low, go slow and consume with caution.” There really should be more info on the package. Things that come to mind include: “10mg/piece”, Nutritional information, dosing information of some kind, etc

  2. this candy has a great taste with a smooth high.

  3. Really strong stuff. 3 candies had knocked my ass straight (no homo). I actually blanked on the stuff forgetting I was making a sandwich in the kitchen.. I would recommend 2.

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