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Grade AAA
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, Uplifted
HELPS WITH Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

A sweet addition to your indica collection

Crossing paths with one of the most potent indica variants (Kosher Kush) produces Chocolate Kush. Chocolate Kush provides a centralized body experience that is just as sweet as the taste and aroma. If you’re looking for premium weed online, Speed Greens should be your choice!


High THC indica strain delivers a punch for lasting effects

The best rush that helps you combat unwarranted feelings and increase desires

Chocolate Kush finds a way to combat symptoms that affect your body. After a long stressful day, the aches accumulate, and you want to find a solution. Chocolate Kush provides an answer to that. This indica strain offers a quick fix for chronic pain, fatigue, and stress. A body high that causes you to pass out helps any sleep loss. If you have insomnia, Chocolate Kush AAA may relieve the symptoms. It has a higher CBD content than most strains, so that it may be helpful against epilepsy and other disorders that CBD treats. It also helps anxiety, pain, nausea, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite.


Chocolate Kush delivers a smooth high for lasting effects

A good and effective strain when you want to focus on your day with weed online

Chocolate Kush helps you calm down your system while providing a burst of energy when needed. Its sativa properties help you focus up and trigger energetic activity. Chocolate Kush helps bring out your creative side for the time being if you ever want to finish any last-minute jobs. The indica properties mellow you out for the rest of your high. The euphoria you gain helps you sink onto wherever you’re relaxing. Once that hits, you’re going to want something to eat or become sleepy.


Get to know more about this AAA product!

Its properties enhance the high and effects it has on its users.

Chocolate Kush is an indica-dominant strain with an indica to sativa ratio of 70:30. It isn’t a high THC indica strain out there, with only a THC percentage between 14-19%, but it gets the job done. Its CBD values come at 1%, much higher than most marijuana strains. The strain has strong chocolate flavors where it gets its namesake. It has hints of coffee and nutty flavors that complement earthy and nutty tones. The bud is dense with a combination of dark green and brown hues. Lastly, a thin layer of trichomes litters the surface. Weed online is the best way to get your cannabis delivered right to your door.

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4.7 Rating
1-5 of 46 reviews
  1. Please restock!

  2. Strong earthy flavour, I find it smokes quite harsh too. Nice high, not intense like the flavour

  3. Good value for the price, though I found it a bit harsh.

  4. Good evening buzz and good taste but it really gave me munchies which I prefer to avoid

  5. Great bud for the price. Strong enough and decent favor.

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