Cherry Bomb (AA)


Cherry Bomb is a medical marijuana hybrid strain whose Sativa-dominant properties are easily recognizable. Part of the Mr. Greengreen Hawaiian Cherry Bomb Sativa, and the California Cherry Bomb Indica, family of genetics this strain contains 17-22% THC. Numerous versions of this strain are showing up all throughout the medical marijuana industry but this one seems to be the most logical. Trichomes cover the majority of the inner surface of the buds. Where this strain thrives is in terms of effects and potency. Since it falls right in the moderate potency category, patients are able to get the relief from that needed daytime smoke. It starts off a little bit cerebral. Then becomes more focused to slow down your body. And no type of hangover effect. Patients use this strain for conditions such as debilitating or chronic pain, mood disorders, lack of energy, glaucoma, lethargy, or for just a fast pick me up. It is perfect for those patients who are only looking to get slightly medicated, or to start the day off right. Appearance is light green and not much to look at, but it gets high ratings from fans of the fruity style strains.

EFFECTS:Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed, Energetic, Creative
HELPS WITH:Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue
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38 reviews for Cherry Bomb (AA)

  1. sidtrump
    5 out of 5

    sidtrump (verified owner)

    One of my new fav strains , you can smoke it all day out the bong (moderately) without knocking out . And your very uplifted focused and lit 🔥 Great value.

  2. wcgreenz
    4 out of 5

    wcgreenz (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain and will be buying again. Very tasty and the buzz is noticeable but not overwhelming. Great for the day time!

  3. donmccallum
    4 out of 5

    donmccallum (verified owner)

    lighter buzz than some–good daytime weed

  4. Jibbs
    4 out of 5

    Jibbs (verified owner)

    Great daytime strain can’t beat the price

  5. MelGee
    3 out of 5

    MelGee (verified owner)

    AA is the right rating. Nice high but fades quickly. Taste is good, aroma is nice. decent strain of sativa if you’re looking for a milder/short lasting effect.

  6. bladesyadeadhomie
    5 out of 5

    bladesyadeadhomie (verified owner)

    good for what its rated. nice sticky bud. some purple. interestedly enough i did taste some cherry . it definite smells like it.
    the intensity of the high is decent aswell. hard to sit down after a good sesh. all in all i enjoyed it happy with the purchase just some interesting dope to smoke.

  7. bcbud78
    5 out of 5

    bcbud78 (verified owner)

    Another top choice for cost and quality. I vaped this all day long for a easy going mellow vibe to last until bed time. Berry blast on tasty first hits. Had a few extra large buds in my OZ. Thanks SG.

  8. deanna.veinot
    5 out of 5

    deanna.veinot (verified owner)

    I picked this up as something to try and immediately regretted not buying more of it! Great daytime high for me!

  9. Jameswojak
    4 out of 5

    Jameswojak (verified owner)

    Super great price got it on sale, very classic sativa nugs, spastic and wild lookin ones, moist and in good shape on arrival. Smell is awesome really does smell like a maraschino. Taste is a little less that desirable sadly, but the smoke isnt harsh at all.
    The high is strong, uplifting and immediate but does not linger for too long.

  10. Dobbynwo1
    4 out of 5

    Dobbynwo1 (verified owner)

    Bought an oz. Nice sweet scent but taste fades away quickly. Effect is okay. AA is the right classification in my opinion. Hybrid like buds with dense middle but fluffy outside. Little more stems than usual.

  11. canadianskater7
    4 out of 5

    canadianskater7 (verified owner)

    Beutiful ounce with massive buds! smelled amazing and the high was outstanding, been smoking on this everyday for 2 weeks and maximum productivity! Only reason i didn’t order more is because i like variety!

  12. Blackfly
    5 out of 5

    Blackfly (verified owner)

    I wasn’t expecting Cherry Bomb to be as good as it is, being that is only AA. But man, it is GOOD. A nice heady uplifting high that comes on after a couple of minutes and lasts a nice long time. It’s smoke is smooth and easy on the throat. I will definitely be ordering this again. Great high at a great price! Thank you SG!

  13. Ense
    4 out of 5

    Ense (verified owner)

    Great buds, decent flavour. Pictures are spot on.

  14. Sitter123
    4 out of 5

    Sitter123 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth smoke

  15. jenna.jackson
    3 out of 5

    jenna.jackson (verified owner)

    Great strain ! A little stocky , my ounce had quite bit of large buds which leaves a lot of stems that you can’t smoke , good in joints but did clog other smoking methods , good high and daytime strain , did make me cough a little but it was a great strain , probably would order again in hopes it wouldn’t be a stocky 😊 enjoyed smoking

  16. NetaGator
    3 out of 5

    NetaGator (verified owner)

    Very decently sized nugs covered in a fair amount of trichromes. You will be greeted with a sweet berry-like and slightly tart smell when opening this product; reminescence of the Sweet Tart™ candy boxes. Properly cured and trimmed, I could definetly see this strain be considered AAA on a different dispenser, very good bang for your buck.

    Mild cerebral high right away — you can feel your eyes tone down a tad almost immediatly. After the initial head-high, you will be greeted with a mellow euphoric and energetic high that is a perfect fit for the daytime users that like to spark it up with their morning coffee or to get a great lunch-ie.

    3 stars when compared to AAAA strains but this is definetly a very solid 3 stars for the price. Would recommend!

  17. thewitcher
    5 out of 5


    Great bud to start the day and throughout the day. Has a berry flavor but it’s a blueberry smell. Wonderful hybrid with a happy high. Good for anxiety and depression. 5/5

  18. wonderwomanisme
    5 out of 5

    wonderwomanisme (verified owner)

    The bud itself, has a sweet, berry smell. The taste on inhale is a delightful cherry flavor that is mild to inhale, yet packs a significant punch. The smoke on exhale has a mildly sweet, woody scent. I find the buzz to be a happy high that puts me in a good, productive state of mind. For asthmatics, this is something you can easily inhale without it causing any symptoms of asthma, in fact, I seem to breathe easier after smoking it.

  19. brucelee28374
    5 out of 5


    This has become my new favorite, good energy boost and creative sparks. It’s contains THC-a which affects me in the best way… tingly, alert, content… a little goes a long way.

  20. Snaptrap22
    4 out of 5

    Snaptrap22 (verified owner)

    Great for the price! Definitely worth a try

  21. Cheath
    4 out of 5


    Nice appearance and flavour. Not a favourite of mine.

  22. mathieu-olivierrioux
    4 out of 5

    mathieu-olivierrioux (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price. Taste is not bad but not the greatest for my personal taste. Overall, worth to try

  23. Joku9288
    5 out of 5

    Joku9288 (verified owner)

    Wicked strain, smells amazing and a great high to go with it! Definitely recommend.

  24. yoshi540
    1 out of 5

    yoshi540 (verified owner)

    did not like this strain all at

  25. yoshi540
    3 out of 5

    yoshi540 (verified owner)

    alright high very bland taste but for a AA not to bad

  26. snackman
    5 out of 5


    good high and better price!

  27. jennifer.backs
    5 out of 5

    jennifer.backs (verified owner)

    Thought this stuff was amazing for the price!!

  28. Slipster
    4 out of 5


    Not the best, but for the price it’s a good deal!

  29. kris.lorenscheit
    4 out of 5

    kris.lorenscheit (verified owner)

    Nice daytime smoke. Not as smooth as Nuken or Platinum blackberry. Great potency for the price. I am from Alberta and Speed greens provides a better product for a cheaper price than what I can get locally.

  30. tinyboat
    4 out of 5

    tinyboat (verified owner)

    Good value for the price. Got this as an xmas gift to my dad and he said he liked it.

  31. PhilipJL
    1 out of 5

    PhilipJL (verified owner)

    2 large buds of Cherry Bomb, and the rest untrimmed tiny buds, is what I received in my ounce.

  32. evadant
    3 out of 5

    evadant (verified owner)

    Gets 3 stars because of the sale . It was just o.k for me and I needed to smoke it in blunts to get near toasted .

  33. michaelredden
    4 out of 5

    michaelredden (verified owner)

    Great for the price

  34. SheaLady
    4 out of 5

    SheaLady (verified owner)

    Like this strain bit a little dry, coughing a bit from it..I have a wood stove and that may be the problem too, but I did like it

  35. Chief
    5 out of 5

    Chief (verified owner)

    Nice high during day time hrs and great price

  36. taylorramsay
    3 out of 5

    taylorramsay (verified owner)

    Was a great smoke for the price, really good amount of red hairs & tasted even better once it was dried out even more!

  37. FrenchWeedies
    3 out of 5


    Thx u for ur review

  38. kyle0501
    3 out of 5

    kyle0501 (verified owner)

    Out of the few AA STRAINS this one is prob the best. Buds were nice, suttle smell , taste was also suttle although high was nice

    Bud- 7
    Smell- 4
    High -7

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