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BURN Pre-Roll | Infused Distillate, Hash and Kief Joint (1g THC)





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Roll up your way to happiness with Burn pre-roll joints

1g Infused Distillate, Hash and Kief Joint choose between Sativa, Hybrid or Indica. Imagine the ultimate cannabis experience – that’s what you’ll get with Burn Pre-Roll, the most potent infused joint on the market.
  • Packed with over 1 gram of premium flower infused with distillate, hash and kief for maximum potency
  • Rolled to perfection for an effortless, smooth smoke
  • Lab-tested with THC levels over 30% to ensure supreme quality
  • Made from top-shelf indoor strains like Gelato, Runtz, and Zkittlez
With each puff of Burn Pre-Roll, you’ll taste exquisite flavors and feel powerful, euphoric effects. This is a joint made for true cannabis connoisseurs who want an extraordinary elevated experience.
If you’re looking for the most intense high that cannabis can deliver, Burn Pre-Roll is for you. Fire it up and enjoy the ride.



Elevate your experience with the benefits of Burn pre-roll joints

Infused Distillate, Hash, and Kief Joints offer a range of benefits to cannabis enthusiasts. These joints are renowned for their enhanced potency, thanks to the concentrated forms of cannabis added to them. Hash and kief contribute rich flavor profiles, enhancing the taste of the joint, while infused distillate adds additional notes of terpenes or other flavors, elevating the smoking experience. Moreover, incorporating concentrates into joints allows for more efficient use of cannabis, as users can achieve desired effects with smaller amounts of material. With customizable effects, users can tailor their smoking experience to their preferences, whether seeking relaxation or stimulation. Additionally, pre-rolled joints infused with concentrates offer convenience, providing a ready-to-use option that’s perfect for on-the-go consumption or social settings.



You're sure to feel the burn with Burn pre-roll joints

Infused distillate, hash, and kief joints typically have stronger physical effects compared to regular joints due to their higher potency. The concentrated forms of cannabis present in these joints can lead to more intense sensations of relaxation, sedation, and pain relief. Users may experience a heavier body high, often accompanied by feelings of couch-lock and muscle relaxation. Additionally, infused joints may induce stronger sedative effects, making them more suitable for evening or nighttime use. On the other hand, regular joints containing only flower may offer a more balanced high with a milder physical effect, allowing users to remain more alert and functional. Overall, the physical effects of infused distillate, hash, and kief joints tend to be more pronounced and sedative compared to regular joints.



Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid - the choice is yours with Burn pre-roll joints


  • Each joint contains over 1 gram of premium flower infused with distillate, hash, and kief, delivering maximum potency in every puff.
  • Expertly rolled for a seamless and smooth smoking experience, ensuring effortless enjoyment with every inhale.
  • Lab-tested to guarantee THC levels surpassing 30%, ensuring supreme quality and consistent potency.
  • Crafted from top-shelf indoor strains such as Gelato, Runtz, and Zkittlez, offering unparalleled flavor and aroma with each session.



2 reviews for BURN Pre-Roll | Infused Distillate, Hash and Kief Joint (1g THC)

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Image #1 from Penelope
Image #1 from Penelope


Beautiful preroll. For the price its a no brainer!

Image #1 from Penelope
5.0 Rating
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  1. First time buying the BURN pre rolls…it did not disappoint. Its flavour and smell had a grape, candy like taste/aroma and it was so smooth. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Beautiful preroll. For the price its a no brainer!

    Image #1 from Penelope
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