Slurricane Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Cannabis Canada

EFFECTS Body High, Cerebral, Hungry, Tingly, Uplifting
HELPS WITH Chronic Pain, Cramps, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle Spasms

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A sensational indica dominant hybrid strain

Slurricane, like its buds, is a dense concoction of effects, smells, and flavors that will leave you impressed. Crossing the Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch produces this effective strain for all your indica needs! If you’re looking to buy weed online, Speed Greens is your #1 choice!


Slurricane offers exciting benefits to keep you coming back

An array of perks to uplift your mood and calm specific ailments

Slurricane top shelf weed is the perfect choice for treating those suffering from physical and mental stress. It helps alleviate symptoms from injury or chronic conditions, such as arthritis. It also helps relieve inflammation to help calm down migraines, headaches, or cramps. Its sativa properties will help with fatigue, as you feel much more awake and energized. It relieves psychological problems associated with depression and stress. Slurricane is the best cannabis Canada to help lower overwhelming bouts of anxiety.


What Effects Does Slurricane Have?

A euphoric body high that you yearn for. Buy weed to experience the high

Slurricane AAAA indica and sativa properties work well with its high THC content. It provides an incredible cerebral high that leaves you satisfied every time. At the onset of the first smoke, you will start feeling an energy boost. At this point, you will feel uplifting sensations that will make you more comfortable doing things that you aren’t usually able to. Once the sativa properties start settling down, the indica properties will give you a body high to provide all its relaxing effects. You will start feeling a tingling sensation in your limbs. Find a comfortable place to relax as the body high takes over. If you haven’t passed out from Slurricane’s effects, then make sure you have some snacks to munch on!


Get to know more about Slurricane

Is there something that you are yearning to find out?

Slurricane is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain that crosses the Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch strains. It has a super potent 20-28% average THC level that gives it many benefits. The bud takes the shape of a fluffy grape with dark, olive green nuggets rich in purple undertones. Throughout the bud are thin amber hairs and a coat of crystalline trichomes. The bud packs a super fruity flavor coupled with herbal and tropical tones. A flavorful toke makes it a great match with its pungent and sweet aroma. Like its tastes, the aroma also has an earthy and berry-like smell. Buy cannabis Canada at Speed Greens for quality bud you can count on.

19 reviews for Slurricane Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Cannabis Canada

4.9 Rating
1-5 of 19 reviews
  1. Smooth and happy smoke!

  2. Très bon goût fruité ,bien givré bon produit mes prix un peu élevé

  3. Not as berry flavored or scented as I thought. Still love this strain though.

    Great to use before nap time

  4. This is the real deal slurricane done properly guys. The scent is like a grapey/ red wine gum/ red wine. Smoke is smooth and tastes like it smells. I almost wanna give a shitty review so there’s more next time I order, serious…

  5. The taste and high is amazing I can’t get enough.

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