Blue Monster (AAA)



Blue Monster is an indica dominant hybrid strain and with an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is a cross between Northern Lights #5, G13, Motta, Mejicanna and Blueberry. The strain produces beautiful buds that are large, dense and round. They are mostly dense and are quite frosty at the same time. Additionally, you will also notice tiny hairs seeping through the light green surface. On the other hand, the smell and taste borrows extensively from its parentage. It is a mixture of fruity and sweet flavors that tend to linger in the mouth for quite some time. The strain is not to be taken lightly, that is for certain. It is potent and is not recommended for individuals who are new to smoking cannabis. But then again, it does have its benefits. The effects of the high are calming and will give you the peace of mind you deserve after a tiring day at work. After a hit or two, you will begin exhibiting symptoms of couch-lock. That being said, Blue Monster has several medical applications but it has been primarily used to treat insomnia and chronic pains and aches as well.

Grade: AAA
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sleepy
HELPS WITH: Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

3.5gm – $28  $26

7gm – $50  $45

14gm – $95  $85

28gm – $175  $160

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5.0 Rating
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  1. Got this one as a free sample and really loved it. Seemed like some super exotic smoke, super fruity in a cookie terp kinda way. the high was very balanced and helped all of my ailments. The smoke was super smooth and burned with light grey clean ash. Top notch cannabis for a great price. Speed Greens does it again!

  2. LOVE this strain was great! Will be buying again!

  3. One of my new favorites❣ As an extremely picky vintage smoker. I get disappointed with quite a few “flavors” now adays because they just dont, either match up with its AMAZING smell, or growers dont know how to flush out their plants probably. This is most definitely NOT THE CASE with these FANTASTICALLY AMAZING buds!! The aroma and flavour is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Beautifully fruity citrus smell and flavor profile???☄ Will most DEFINITELY be purchasing again!! ***LOVE***

  4. If you are looking for a really potent indica high, Blue Monster has it! Very satisfying strain, my fingers felt sticky after checking out the buds, nice size and smells great, like potent weed, pine and other goodness. I rolled one with just ordinary cigarette rolling paper, so in a few puffs, it was all gone, but what a smoke! I felt something almost immediately and in no time I was swept off on a buzz that kept climbing, it became a perfect and pure full bodied, full minded buzz. It is so satisfying, it really hits the spot, Blue Monster is a heavy hitter, even an experienced smoker will get quite the high from this strain, a high that certainly won’t go unnoticed:) A must try!

  5. This strain has an overall fruity profile, once vaped you can really taste the sweet fruity flavours. Im using the air 2 and the first few hits are pure flavour. I cant quite put my finger on it but its got a tropical, exotic taste with a layer of berries similar to a super tasty smoothie. I recommend mixing this with Platinum Blackberry or Blueberry Nuken for more fruity flavour OR mixing with OG Kush or Gorilla Glue #4 to give your session a greater flavour profile.

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