Blue God (smalls) (AAAA)



This strain is a near-pure indica, though the exact ratio of sativa to indica isn’t widely reported. THC and CBD levels are also hard to come by, though reviews suggest it’s a relatively potent medical choice. At least one test indicates THC can make up more than 20% of this strain. But the lack of data on CBD content makes Blue God a poor choice for patients who need CBD preparations to treat seizures or other health problems. On the other hand, this is a very good choice for treating irritability, chronic pain, insomnia, and daily stress. The high is largely physical, with a calming body buzz, sleepiness, and couch-lock effects. But there are also limited cerebral qualities, including psychoactive euphoria. Grape and Kush are the dominant notes in the taste and smell of this pungent strain, while the nugs are dark, purple, and sticky. Expect the usual side effects, including dry mouth and watery eyes, though specific reports are scarce. Blue God isn’t especially popular, but it sells at medical marijuana dispensaries in California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and British Columbia.

Grade: AAAA
THC: 20%
EFFECTS: Body High, Cerebral, Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
HELPS WITH: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress

3.5gm – $32  $30

7gm – $58  $55

14gm – $105  $90

28gm – $185   $170

6 reviews for Blue God (smalls) (AAAA)

4.8 Rating
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  1. Last year I ordered a vape from speed greens and it is really pretty, small enough and fits everywhere, wich is perfect for me ! Though it only lasted for about 2 months and then wouldn’t work, i still really loved it ! .

    I just received another SILO vape and im super excited ! The packaging was better than last time and had more informations in it. Now there is a warranty card to return the item if it doesn’t work so im happy with that. I chose the gold one and im loving it :D My step dad got jealous so I ordered him one as well lol !

    Thankyou SpeedGreens, definetly one of my go to’s now !

    PS. I have to say I was kinda sad you didn’t have the Black silo anymore.. :(

  2. Nugs are a little small, but not alot of shake and the taste is flavorful and sweet. Would prob buy again

  3. Strains pretty good for the price. Its definitely a sleeper!

  4. This strain was very good. Nice dense buds, smoked great. Rolled or bong. Great before bed. I would recommend this strain.

  5. Very strong stuff. Love it

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