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Grade AAA
THC 18%
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, Hungry
HELPS WITH Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

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Enabling users to become lazy, euphoric, sleepy, and happy

A near-pure indica strain, Black Domina crosses four indica strains to produce a potent product for a sure full-body experience. It has plenty of medicinal benefits to help increase comfort levels while reducing stress and anxiety. As expected from the Cannabis indica family, Black Domina will help you decompress and release the burden of the day.


Enjoy the benefits and relieve aches, pains, and other symptoms

This cannabis indica is a sure choice to help a variety of ailments

Have you just finished a hard workout? Are you staying up longer than you would like? Black Domina AAA helps relieve the stress of chronic pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping, as many of their cannabis indica cousins. Due to Black Domina’s potent indica status, you can mellow down some harsh symptoms of certain disorders. It delivers a great release from bouts of depression and can uplift your mood. If you ever feel like you’re not eating enough, you are sure to get a craving for food right after. If you want relief after a hard workout, take a hit. It will relieve inflammation or muscle spasms. Black Domina is tough on migraines and nausea as well!


Cannabis indica that centers around full-body relaxation

Immerse yourself in a pleasant experience without all the hassle of responsibilities

You are sure to have a full-body experience after taking a hit from Black Domina. As the properties of its strong indica crosses take hold, you will feel a euphoric high that will help settle you down. An overall happy demeanor will dictate the rest of your experience. Like many indica strains, it would be best to take it before bed as it will make you feel sleepy – a great way to combat insomnia. If you manage to stay awake, your body will start looking for something to munch on. Eliminate that loss of appetite as you treat yourself to your favorite foods. Your body will feel light as it releases the tension in your muscles – a great way to treat inflammation and muscle soreness.


Get to know more about this cannabis indica

Lull yourself into a pure state of relaxation and enjoy consistent results

Black Domina features a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 5:95. Your high will center around mellowness and an intense body high. The THC potency is relatively high, ranging from 18-24%. As expected from its various cross-breeding with other indica strains, it has a variety of tastes. It features particular notes of citrus, coffee, and nuts. The smell radiates a combination of berries, citrus, and spices. Like many indica dominant strains it takes from, the earthy tones help you feel more grounded. The buds are dark green and purple with frosty trichomes, producing plenty of resin. You will experience the same symptoms as most indica strains with the possibility of dry mouth and eyes. Although, dizziness and paranoia are less common. Buy weed online Canada at Speed Greens today.

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  1. Good stuff, smoke a joint of this before a movie or some video games and your strait chillin, gotta love this one

  2. As soon as I opened the package the smell filled the room. Super chilled out.

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