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Big Buddha Cheese (AAA)

Grade: AAA
THC: 13-18%
EFFECTS: Energizing, Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing
HELPS WITH: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PMS, PTSD, Stress


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This hybrid strain will have you zen and cheesin

Giant Buddha Cheese is an intriguing, well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a murky past. An original bag of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1 was used to cultivate the strain Cheese. Up until 2004, this strain was still very common on the underground market in the United Kingdom. In order to produce the strain presently known as Big Buddha Cheese, a mysterious breeder known only as “Big Buddha” took a clone of Cheese and started crossing it with a particularly particular Afghani plant. This cannabis strain, which went on to win a prize at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, is probably the most well-known and readily accessible Cheese variety on the market.




A hybrid strain with a wide array of benefits

Soothe your body and mind with Big Buddha Cheese hybrid stain

This hybrid strain has a number of uses both medical and recreational. Depending on the user, this strain can be used throughout the day for a variety of effects. Individuals who suffer from chronic stress, depression, and chronic pain will find this balanced hybrid’s ability to soothe physical aches while freeing the mind incredibly beneficial.



A hybrid strain that is an instant mood booster

Big Buddha Cheese will have you feeling relaxed without the couchlock effect

In fact, this hybrid strain makes your brain feel heavy while making your body feel like its levitating. While mildly controlling pain, this strain is more likely to make you incredibly relaxed without making you feel sedated. Thankfully, the Sativa side of this plant will uplift your mood and give you quite the heady high. As your mood is drastically improved to blissful happiness, you should expect to get pretty hungry, as a pantry raid is impending.



This hybrid strain is like a charcuterie board of great features

Big Buddha Cheese is a beautiful and punchy strain to add to your collection

Big Buddha Cheese has a very beautiful visual profile, often seducing stoners with its appearance alone. This hybrid strain is known for its brilliant forest green hues with burnt-orange and almost-pink hairs. If you’ve got a sensitive nose, this one’s probably not for you. As the name cheese implies, this bud is a bit of a stinker. In fact, Big Buddha Cheese has gained quite the reputation involving its aroma, which is a pungent, skunky, cheese aroma mixed with fresh berries and tropical fruit. Likewise, the flavor you’ll taste when smoking on this strain is quite unique: like a wine and cheese party in your mouth.


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4.9 Rating
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  1. My Favorite stain this year! Great for daytime high. Hope to see it again soon!

  2. Great bang for you buck, wonderful stuff!

  3. Got this as a freebie and absolutely loved it! Relaxing high and quite smooth.

  4. Very good daytime indica strain for a great sale price!

  5. Very enjoyable. Smooth taste. Good buzz for the money.

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