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Atomic Wheelchair MINI Gummies (800mg THC)



Summer Notice: Speed Greens takes necessary precautions to ensure that your order arrives safely however we cannot be responsible for products that get melted or deformed because of heat during transit.

Introducing Minis! Our amazingly fun and mouth-watering high-dose cannabis gummies! Every 800 mg package contains 4 x 200 mg Minis in Apricot, Green Apple, or Peach. Crafted with organic sugar and organic tapioca syrup, these gelatin chews are enhanced with natural flavors and colors.

Warning!!! These are extremely high-dose and not intended for any novice user.


These edible gummies are sure to please anyone

Atomic Wheelchair has a line of potent edible gummies that are great for any social situation. Share it with your friends or keep it to yourself; you’ll get the same satisfaction every single time. Keep them for when you need them most for a quick and effective way to get your dose of cannabis. If you’re looking for a premium selection of strong edibles Canada has to offer, you’ve come to the right place!


These edible gummies provide relief when you need

They are the perfect companion to ease your stubborn aches and pains

Atomic Wheelchair’s line of potent edible gummies is the perfect remedy when you’re in a hurry. The consistency and effectiveness make it excellent in tackling your physical and mental issues. Like the strongest cannabis products, the high THC content help with conditions such as acute and chronic pain, tense and tight muscles, muscle spasms, and cramps. Its uplifting qualities are great at tackling moments of anxiety and depression. You might even feel the urge to eat again since it helps increase appetite. If you have trouble sleeping at night, take one before hitting the hay!


These potent edible gummies are no joke

The effects of these cannabis products are impressively strong

These gummies use a highly concentrated dose of full-spectrum cannabis oil. If you’re looking for something to get your cannabis fix, you’re getting some and more! The mind-altering high will leave you searching for something comfortable to lay on. Once the uplifting sensations come through, you’ll be talkative and friendly around those around you. You can restore those happy feelings and brush away the negativity of the day.


Find out if these edible gummies are for you!

It’s a convenient and discreet way to satisfy your cannabis cravings

Atomic Wheelchair’s MINI line contains the 800mg THC package. These edible gummies are an extremely potent product recommended for experienced cannabis users. It uses a highly concentrated dose of full-spectrum cannabis oil crowned with unique and natural flavouring. This package contains 4 × 200mg THC gummies that you can split into smaller pieces if needed. Atomic Wheelchair only uses organic sugar and tapioca syrup with natural flavourings for a more familiar experience. You’ll find it available in:

  • Green Apple
  • Peach
  • Apricot

Find a fantastic selection of strong edibles Canada has to offer here at Speed Greens! What are you waiting for?

6 reviews for Atomic Wheelchair MINI Gummies (800mg THC)

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Image #1 from Bender
Image #1 from Bender


My go-to gummy. Great flavours...tasty peach and apricot. A nice, mellow high. I cut them up into smaller pieces. 1/3 is perfect for daytime, a half at night with a movie.

Image #1 from Bender
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  1. My go-to gummy.
    Great flavours…tasty peach and apricot.
    A nice, mellow high.
    I cut them up into smaller pieces. 1/3 is perfect for daytime, a half at night with a movie.

    Image #1 from Bender
  2. Awesome, great flavourful. High potency.

  3. I got the green apple ones, and they’re a bit more bitter than the 400mg pack, for obvious reasons, but still overall a great flavour. Cost effective as well.

  4. The apricot and the peach mango gummies are both pretty good. They did leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste. The high was great, too.

  5. Great, mellow buzz. Long lasting and go9d value.

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