Alien Cookies Strain Kief – (AAAA)


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Meet the popular and well balanced alien cookies strain kief

Experience the sweet vanilla aroma and flavors with a tinge of pungent earth of Alien Cookies Kief yourself! These alien cookies strain kief are known for being evenly balanced with a 50:50 Sativa and Indica ratio. Get your own kief and cannabis online in Canada from Speed Greens today!


Flawless breeding to produce an evenly balanced Alien Cookies strain.

An incredibly rare and unique combination can only be found in Alien Cookies Strain Kief.

Alien Cookies Strain is popular for being a perfectly balanced hybrid strain created from various crossbreeding of the popular X strain. The buds these cannabis plants produce are extremely rare and hard to find. All the weed products made from Allen Cookies are a sure hit and totally worth the effort and money.

When you consume the Alien Cookies strain, you will feel happy and relaxed. However, the first hit you feel is mild. That is why they are great even for first-time users. They are ideal for treating health conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Appetite loss
  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic anxiety and/or stress

If you have problems with the following, you can use Alien Cookies Kief. Get your cannabis online in Canada from Speed Greens and keep the Alien Cookies strain in your stash all the time.


Taste the vanilla flavors and aroma of Alien Cookies strain

The Alien Cookies strain for a well balanced psychoactive and physical effects

When you take Alien Cookies Kief, you will first feel happy and in a state of peace. After, you will have a strong urge to lie down or sit in a couch-lock state. Lastly, you will proceed to a sedated hungry state where you need to ask yourself if you will eat or sleep. The hunger you feel will make it seem like you can eat everything in your house while the sleepiness you will experience will make it hard for you to get up. This is why many consumers of Alien Cookies strain reported they usually fell asleep when at the peak of the high. We highly recommend taking them at night or before sleeping. Get your cannabis online in Canada from a trusted dispensary like Speed Greens to ensure quality and safety.


A perfectly balanced Alien Cookies Strain from popular X strains

Bring relaxation up a notch by taking Alien Cookies strain for a better sleep

The Alien Cookies strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a 50:50 Indica and Sativa ratio created by cross-breeding popular X strains. Because of the complicated breeding, Alien Cookies strain is very rare but the buds and kief they produce are extremely potent and effective. These Alien Cookies kief is no exception!

It contains at least 21% or more THC levels on average. You will be surprised with these buds, they produce sweet vanilla accented by pungent earth aromas and flavors as they burn. Alien Cookies strain has lumpy, small, and bright neon green nugs surrounded by rich amber hairs and a thick frosty coating of amber-colored tiny crystal trichomes. Get your cannabis online in Canada from a trusted and licensed shop like Speed Greens and experience the happiness and relief Alien Cookies kief can bring.

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  1. I enjoyed this

  2. Love having some on hand and collect my own. Smokes great in the Pax 3 when added to your ground weed.

  3. great little product when you want to add a big kick to you dooby…ill be getting more for sure

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