Acapulco Gold Kief (AAA)

Grade AAAA
THC 60% – 80%
EFFECTS Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted, Happy
MEDICINAL EFFECTS Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Migraine, Depression

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A rare and gold-standard kief weed product

Acapulco Gold pulls on both your mind’s and heart’s desires. Use it by itself or mix it with your favorite products. If you’re looking for Acapulco Gold Kief weed and more, Speed Greens is the place to be! It is Canada’s premium online weed shop for anything you desire.


Find out what Acapulco Gold has to offer your body

The excellent benefits of this kief weed strain will calm your annoying conditions

Acapulco Gold’s properties give it remarkable medicinal qualities that will make it perfect for you. It is the ideal match for temporary and chronic conditions. You may relieve symptoms associated with arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, and nausea. Its psychoactive properties make it the appropriate choice for tackling bouts of fatigue, PTSD, stress, and depression. You may find that its qualities are much more potent because of its kief weed status.


The golden qualities of Acapulco give it amazing effects

Discover the features that make this kief weed product alluring to your senses

Acapulco Gold’s high THC value gives your body the magnificent head high that it deserves. The initial headrush provides your body with intense and energizing sensations. In this state, you will feel much more awake and focused. You may feel bouts of creativity that will help you stay on your work. Your body will also experience a partial body high, which leaves you feeling mellow and relaxed. It teases all your sensations building on the head high for a complete experience that won’t leave you couch-locked!


Get to know more about this kief weed strain and more!

This golden product is the perfect pairing for a wide variety of applications

Acapulco Gold is a sativa dominant strain with an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio. It features an incredibly high 19-24% THC concentration, contributing to its powerful psychoactive properties. Its availability as kief weed makes it much easier to make it into different products. Kief is also the perfect enhancer to your favorite cannabis products. You can sprinkle them into your joint or bowl, press them into rosin, or make them into hash. It also pairs perfectly with your favorite foods, such as coffee, cooking oils, edibles – or even in topical products, such as body cream! Find the perfect cannabis products for you at our weed shop today!

21 reviews for Acapulco Gold Kief (AAA)

4.9 Rating
1-5 of 21 reviews
  1. Hits nice, and tasty too, nice uplifting buzz

  2. Love, love, love, this stuff!
    Makes for great bowl toppers, joint add-ons, moon-rocks, wrapped joints with this and distillate.
    Smooth tasting, also on the inhale and exhale.
    Would recommend to anyone wanting to spice up their smoke sessions!
    You’ll be glad you did!
    Thank you SG.

  3. I found the potency was high, but the effect was somewhat shorter than other strains. Overall, it’s a very “comfortable” high, relaxing. I’ve been experimenting with different temps and 190 seems to be a nice middle ground where I get some body effect but still a bit of a head high. There’s nothing about it that really knocks my socks off or makes it particularly memorable. It’s more of an all-rounder to me.

  4. Absolutely love sprinkling this onto my joints. Really nice high. Definitely ordering again.

  5. I bought seven grams of this kief, intending to make hash. Smoked some as is and didn’t bother making hash. And was so impressed with the high that I ordered another 28 grams, which arrived in three days. Still haven’t made that hash, lol

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