Cannabis Brands

At Speed Greens, we take pride in offering a vast array of top-tier cannabis brands, providing our customers with an unparalleled selection of premium products. With over 20 distinguished brands to choose from, we bring you award-winning, local, and highly sought-after names in the cannabis industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the outstanding brands that grace our collection.


sleeBD uses premium, all natural materials. No preservatives, no additives. Pure quality. Their CBD is lab tested at 99.5% GMP certified. Lab results always displayed in product pages. Everything in their product is vegan friendly, including the vegetable capsules!

High Voltage Extracts

Based in Vancouver Island, High Voltage Extracts are a small group dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavor. Their concentrates are made from flower grown on Vancouver Island and a small group are responsible for extractions, packaging and distribution. They are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high quality live resins, sauces, cartridges and edibles; all made from live, fresh flower.


Kick back and have a dank delight with the newest THC oil infused gummy’s from Dames. Once you’ve tried the confectionery mastered receipt of gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. these classic treats will never be the same. Even though they taste divine, they pack a punch leaving you in a euphoric relaxed state.


The team at Mota is dedicated to producing some of the finest quality cannabis derivatives in Canada, and they’ve succeeded for years. Vancouver Island is a world apart, where the sea and wild mountains meet. It’s here that Canada’s most passionate and independent-minded cannabis producers have made their home. And it’s here you’ll find Mota Cannabis. Mota works closely with patients to select the perfect strains of cannabis for their needs. They then carefully grow, extract, and infuse each plant to create products that are of the highest medicinal quality. The team at Mota is committed to hands-on quality control and patient care. Every plant they grow or source is matched to ideal conditions for its genetics. This attention to detail results in products that are second to none. If you’re looking for an authentic and sincere cannabis experience, look no further than Mota Cannabis. You won’t be disappointed.


Certified organic line of premium CBD products that focus on supporting a healthy lifestyle through plant-based medicine. Natuur CBD products are formulated with the highest CBD oil quality providing far-reaching benefits to your body and mind.


Bringing Cannabis Consumers the most popular flavours in confection to the Worlds best Cannabis. With Chocolit it's black and white! There is no grey area or guessing with their edibles. Their edibles are “Truly” true dose. Made with lab tested - full spectrum cannabis oils & the finest quality chocolate. Chocolit uses High-quality ingredients for a higher quality high.

Diamond Extracts

Diamond Concentrates provides top-of-the-line concentrates & accessories to Shops in Vancouver, Toronto & across Canada. Diamond is Canada’s Premier Seed-to-Sale extract company. Everything strain we carry is grown in-house & extracted using state-of-the-art systems. All of their extracts are tested for THC & CBD levels as well as various factors such as: Aroma/Flavor Appearance Effect In order to meet these quality standards, Diamond Concentrates reserves the most desirable source materials and everything they produce is Nug Run. This, along with premium purging methods to remove any impurities, is how Diamond Extracts is able to produce a completely pure concentrate with high terpene profiles. DE grows Exotic strains with a 75-85% THC range. Diamond Concentrates offers a truly unbeatable experience.


Galaxy Extracts ™ is proud to bring you the highest quality, most flavorful premium concentrates on Earth. Get ready to blast off into outer space. Galaxy Extract products are grown naturally right here in Beautiful British Columbia without the use of any harmful pesticides.

Twisted Extracts

At twisted extracts, they nurture a unique relationship with their customers. At the moment when you visit their website, you’ll see that they’re pretty amazing. The combination of colors and words adds up to the feel that the products they sell make you feel terrific. And they want to make this stand out. They create what they refer to as “kickass” cannabis edibles. They have a wide variety of products ranging anywhere between medical to recreational cannabis use. Their products are always infused, never sprayed, and they come in Sativa, Indica, and CBD options so you can find the strain that’s right for you.


A variety of flavours, strengths, and strains of cannabis combine with luxury and ethically sourced chocolate set to create an elite experience quite unlike any other. By utilizing a food science approach to infusion and lab-tested proprietary blends of cannabis extracts and oils. OPULENCE ensures that every square has exactly the right amount of THC for accurate dosing and a consistent, reliable experience. For the stylish cannabis consumer, this is a modern and memorable treat.


Bliss is a Vancouver, B.C. based edibles company that specializes in creating cannabis infused, fruit flavoured gummy squares. All their products are made with high quality, top grade cannabis grown right here in British Columbia, along with natural fruit juices and organic cane sugar. The airtight tin resealable tin makes sure that your candies stay fresh and protects them from being squished when you're carrying them around.

Herbivore Edibles

Herbivores Edibles has brought us all some treats we know and love. Herbivores presents a tasty alternative to medicating, with their line of gummy candies, chocolate bars, peanut butter cups etc.

Burn Lifestyle Co

Burn vapes are made using only the finest natural ingredients, delivering a pure and authentic experience. With no artificial additives, you can enjoy the true flavors of the botanical extracts in every puff. Crafted with the finest ingredients, our vapes offer exceptional taste and smoothness, delivering a satisfying and luxurious sensation with every inhale.

Straight Goods

Straight Goods is the perfect choice for an elevated cannabis experience at a premium price. Their line of Distillate Vape Products offers 95% THC distillate and 5% organic terpenes without any fillers or hidden ingredients, so you can be confident that you are getting the most out of your money and a quality product.


Hollowtips was founded to bring something special to the cannabis community, to build a unique brand of sophisticated products that surpass the norm. At Hollowtips, everything begins with top shelf cannabis, the raw material for our clear, pesticide free extract. To bring you the cleanest hits, great attention is given to all details in innovation, cutting-edge designs, and luxury.

dab lab

Dab Lab started with one goal in mind: To provide high quality, clean medicine to those who need it. They are always researching new methods and techniques to create new products and increase potency. You will never find any fillers in their products. Stretching product for a higher profit strongly goes against our morals. Quality over Quantity.


Alice was born out of a desire to give people what neither the pharmaceutical industry nor supplements have provided: safe, effective consumables that pair long-term benefits with immediate boosts to cognitive functioning. Alice decadent chocolate treats combine the best organic, fruiting-body mushrooms with the best nootropics and adaptogens. This union pairs the long-term benefits of mushrooms with the immediate effects of the nootropics, and keeps you on your journey into the delights of fungi. The result: an indulgent daily routine that’s good for you and only gets better with time.

Buddha Boys Collective

Buddha Boys Collective Organic Craft grower from Vancouver Island.


LUX BC Is your source for THC, Full Spectrum honey oil and CBD Vape Cartridges in Canada. All our products are always top quality and lab tested!

Juicy Jay's

Juicy Jays is one of the best selling brands of flavoured smoking products in the world. They have put years of experience and flavouring into every product. From rolling papers to terpene infused hemp wraps, Juicy's triple dip flavouring process is sure to impress any smoker.

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