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Royal Caramel (AAAA) Top Shelf



Also known as Royal Caramel, Cream Caramel is an Indica-dominant strain with a high content of THC (24%) and 0.3% CBD. It originated in Spain, and it has won more than 20 awards.
Cream Caramel might sound like an overly sweet experience. In fact, the weed combines a skunky, spicy flavor with a sugary hint. Experienced smokers can easily recognize butter, honey, and even nuts.
A few tokes are all it takes to enjoy its effects for up to 6 hours, making it one of the most potent strains. The head high is true bliss, with a slight social tendency. Cream Caramel’s body high puts the smoker in a couchlock, offering full relaxation and calmness.
Cream Caramel is perhaps one of the best strains for its medicinal properties. It is recommended to treat depression and stress, allowing the consumer to turn their mind off, slowing down their racing minds. It is a good choice to relieve pain.
Cream Caramel is ideal for cultivators regardless of their experience levels and it is not pretentious with its environment. It offers abundant yields with a quick growth spurt that finalizes in only 8-9 weeks.

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  1. A good strain to try before bed. Got a nice stink to it and I love it

  2. Delicious smelling. Buds were very nice size. Super rich flavour and smell. It was a pleasure to smoke and very relaxing

  3. Best weed I got from here!

  4. Smells like caramel haha

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