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Blueberry Jam cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid bred by Dr. Atomic. She is known for its robust blueberry – skunk aroma and overwhelming narcotic effect. Blueberry Jam marijuana is packed with flavor and potency, not recommended for first-time users. The buds are bluish-purple in color and covered with numerous trichomes. Blueberry Jam cannabis is good for evening and nighttime medicinal use.

Nektr Live Resin:

Live Resin is an extraction form of a cannabis flower that contains the highest level of terpenes preserved within the Butane Hash Oil. Live resin often offers the best flavor profile compared to any other BHO extractions. It calls for freezing freshly harvested marijuana buds and freezing them under subcritical temperatures before the actual extraction process. The freezing part of the process retains the majority of the terpenes and maintains the taste and flavours of the cannabis flower with this extraction method.

Nektr Extracts is looking to bring an elevated experience to the world of concentrates. Simply put, a premium product and full transparency.

By proudly using only BC’s finest bud you not only get an experience that is unbelievably aromatic, fully flavoured and clean tasting which will have your senses firing on all cylinders; but also a product which is safe and consistent.

A new standard is here. Elevate above.

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3 reviews for Nektr Extracts – Blueberry Jam Live Resin

  1. brucelee28374
    5 out of 5


    Wow! Great quality Live Resin and I’ve tried my fair share! Never heard of Nextract before but it tastes amazing!! strong and highly effective, amazing pain control, beware of munchies and couch lock

  2. stonergirlbc20
    5 out of 5

    stonergirlbc20 (verified owner)

    Very nice addition to a joint 🙂 burns no problem for me added in a strip down the middle with my weed sprinkled on top 🙂 roll it good and it burns fine , really nice high while smoking 🙂
    Will definitely try the others .

  3. wonderwomanisme
    5 out of 5


    Excellent Live Resin. Well made, flavourful and potent. Will be ordering again for sure. Also cannot wait to try other live resin from SG.

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