Moonwalker – Premium Twax Cone | Platinum Breath (Indica)


MoonWalker – Indica Premium Twax Cone filled with AAAA Platinum Breath, delicious strain has a sweet fruity berry flavour profile that is sure to please Indica lovers.

Weed Strain: A rare Indica dominant hybrid strain created from the infamous Platinum OG Kush x Blackberry Kush x Unknown genetic packs a highly potent punch felt in both the mind and body. This dreamy offspring elevates users with a pleasant and euphoric mood boost while pulling you into a state of lifted sedation. Platinum BB’s reputation for producing a mellow sedative effect helps users with insomnia, stress, mood swings, headaches and hyperactivity making this an excellent choice for evening use. This insanely delicious strain has a sweet fruity berry flavour accented by hints of savory diesel and dank spices on each exhale leaving a pungent earthy overtone

Each MoonWalker Premium Twax Cone weighs 1.75g

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4 reviews for Moonwalker – Premium Twax Cone | Platinum Breath (Indica)

  1. clintonb
    5 out of 5

    clintonb (verified owner)

    Amazing as always, TwaXxX seems to know how to RoLL !!!

    The Platinum Breathe is as equally delicious as both their Pink Kush and Gucci Pink Varieties and I cant wait to order a couple more Flavours to sample.

    ReUsable/Resealable container which also keeps the stink in which is nice because smoking a few puffs and putting out gets be up there a few times easy but remember to snip off the end/cherry and reverse blow to keep smell to a minimum.

    Thanks again for stocking these special treats, you rule SpeedGreens and please keep up the good work !!!

  2. ahmedtiko
    2 out of 5

    ahmedtiko (verified owner)

    Was very disappointed with these moonwalkers. I am exploring all premium pre rolls offered online in Canada and this is by far the worst one I had.

    I couldn’t smoke this thing for the life of me- the puffs are super hard and you can’t toke easily. I saw other reviewers saying the same thing before but the response said that it was a bad patch and now it’s replaced.. WELL THESE STILL SUCK. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SUPPLIER.

    The MOM is actually an awesome one and I had a great experience. They sent me free weed as a new customer and that was 10 times better than the premium pre roll. Thank you 🙂

    Never again for the moonwalker, 10/10 will deal with speed greens again though 🙂

  3. hulkh3216
    5 out of 5

    hulkh3216 (verified owner)

    Very impressed! I am definetley NOT a beginner stoner so was very impressed with this and will be ordering again. Give it a try I think you will definetley enjoy it.

  4. harlequinjoker298
    5 out of 5

    harlequinjoker298 (verified owner)

    I have heard a lot about Platinum Breath but have never got hold of it. So glad to have got this moonwalker platinum breath preroll. It was an amazing mellow high. Great for my insomnia.

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