MnM Top Shelf AAAA 4oz (4 x 28gm)

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You can now build your own ounce from our top shelf strains, perfect for those customers who like a little variety.  Choose 28gms of your favorite indica, sativa and balanced-hybrid strains to create your very own customized ounce!



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  • Ghost Glue- 28g
  • Gorilla Bomb- 28g
  • Kush Mint- 28g
  • Purple Punch - 28g
  • Slurricane- 28g
  • Black Tuna- 28g


Select the 4 strains that you would like in 28gm increments to create your own custom ounce!

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Ghost Glue- 28g, Gorilla Bomb- 28g, Kush Mint- 28g, Purple Punch – 28g, Slurricane- 28g, Black Tuna- 28g

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