MnM Galaxy Extracts Live Resin – 7g


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  • Sunset Sherbert- 7g
  • Purple Punch- 7g
  • Super Silver Haze- 7g
  • Sundae Driver- 7g
  • Red Dragon- 7g
  • Red Congo- 7g
  • Lemon Meringue- 7g
  • Berry White- 7g
  • Pink Death- 7g
  • Tangie- 7g
  • Sour Skittles- 7g
  • Pink Panther- 7g
  • NYC Diesel- 7g
  • Trainwreck- 7g
  • Sugar Cookies- 7g
  • Slurricane- 7g
  • Orange Cookies- 7g
  • Super Lemon Haze- 7g
  • Mimosa- 7g
  • Juicy Fruit- 7g
  • Creamsicle- 7g
  • Gelato- 7g
  • Acapulco Gold- 7g
  • Banana OG- 7g
  • Pineapple Express- 7g
  • Toxic Punch- 7g

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Sunset Sherbert- 7g, Purple Punch- 7g, Super Silver Haze- 7g, Sundae Driver- 7g, Red Dragon- 7g, Red Congo- 7g, Lemon Meringue- 7g, Berry White- 7g, Pink Death- 7g, Tangie- 7g, Sour Skittles- 7g, Pink Panther- 7g, NYC Diesel- 7g, Trainwreck- 7g, Sugar Cookies- 7g, Slurricane- 7g, Orange Cookies- 7g, Super Lemon Haze- 7g, Mimosa- 7g, Juicy Fruit- 7g, Creamsicle- 7g, Gelato- 7g, Acapulco Gold- 7g, Banana OG- 7g, Bruce Banner- 7g, Pineapple Express- 7g, Toxic Punch- 7g


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