House of Glass Shatter Madcow (Sativa)


Madcow is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Durban Poison X Purple Cow strains. Don’t let the name scare you – this tasty lady won’t drive you mad! Rather, she’ll give you the clarity you’ve been craving and help you sleep if need be. The Madcow high starts with a cerebral rush that launches your mind into an uplifted clear-headed state that’s incredibly creative. As this head high builds, a numbing body buzz will start to wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed although not couch-locked or stoned. Eventually these heady effects will start to subside, lulling you into a sleepy state of calm that is incredibly sedative. These effects give Madcow an edge in treating conditions such as glaucoma, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, and cramps. This bud has a spicy sweet caramel flavor with a smooth exhale that’s very sugary. The aroma is of sweet earth with a touch of spicy ammonia that’s pretty mellow. Madcow buds have grape shaped dark forest green nugs with furry orange hairs and a coating of amber colored crystal trichomes.

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4 reviews for House of Glass Shatter Madcow (Sativa)

  1. sidtrump
    5 out of 5

    sidtrump (verified owner)

    I snagged a few of these while on vacation, smooth clean high, thoroughly enjoyable and tasty af. Looking to buy more soon.

  2. Supersam88
    5 out of 5

    Supersam88 (verified owner)

    I used to love live resin until I tried this shatter. Potency is great. As soon as you finished your dab, it will give you a flying high instantly. Try it for yourself. 10/10 stuff.

  3. Chefcmobrien88
    5 out of 5

    Chefcmobrien88 (verified owner)

    Well damn! This shatter is top notch! I took a couple nice hits through a small bubbler…………..then about 3 minutes later I sat back and enjoyed the ride. I swear the leaves on my house plant were moving.

  4. BlazeDoctor420
    5 out of 5

    BlazeDoctor420 (verified owner)

    Really please with HOG products, this was no different. Great flavour, great high, and I’ve never received a waxy package. Will definitely order more.

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